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Dynamic monitoring prevents risk comprehensively

Through our data analysis, video monitoring, field investigation, network data collection, for enterprise management behavior data of acquisition and space-time analysis, multi-dimension cross validation, realize the dynamic monitoring of the target enterprise management, help clients early-warning target enterprise management risk.

Key messages

  • Application
    submit applications and audit schedule
  • On-site
    Evaluate on-sitetraceability and verifyoperation informationof enterprise
  • Audit
    The report includes:determination of systemm aturity and annual audrtfrequencytracking vstemnsk improvementcurrent situation etc
  • Information
    Enterprise who alreadymet the roquirementsand standards candisplay producttraceility informationand traceabilitytwo-dimensionalcode on-line
  • Audit
    According to thejudgment of thefrequency,we conduct tracking audit toenterprise,such as:checkprevious reported dataand review previousaudit issues